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Golden Love Precious Flower 1970, ULTRA RARE Floating Heart, Vintage Spoon Jewelry

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Hearts are approximately 1.5 - 1.75” x 1 - 1.25”. Measurements may vary. Hung on a gold stainless steel chain (2mm rope style) 20" + 2" extender included. Comes in a small gift box.

This is a floating heart made from the ultra rare golden flatware pattern, Love aka Precious Flower from 1970. It is so rare that many people don't even know that it was ever made in this gold version!

Own one of only a few pieces ever made available, transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

This is gold plated so standard gold jewelry care applies. The stainless steel base is very durable, but gold itself is a soft metal. Never wear any gold jewelry swimming or to the spa, as chlorine will break it down over time. As will household cleaners, sanitizers, and some skincare products. Always put on your jewelry last, and take it off before using any kind of products. 

These are vintage items so some plate loss may be visible. Additionally, you may notice some wear on the interior from the force used to shape these into your jewelry. 

A small piece with a big history, this has been handcrafted from a carefully curated piece of antique silverware. Silver pattern name & year is included with packaging (if applicable).

These are vintage & antique pieces so signs of a previous life may be visible. They have been cleaned and polished, but have led a long, useful life and bear the signs of use proudly. Each will be different which adds to the uniqueness of your item.

Each item is carefully handmade to order (unless noted as ready to ship) and will be on its way to you within 5-7 business days.

Hand Formed & Hand Stamped

I stamp and form each item by hand with a hammer, so there may be slight variations. It is perfectly imperfect. I take pride in creating a high quality of work, and enjoy the telltale characteristics of hand formed objects. Each is slightly different from the next, creating a totally unique piece for you to enjoy.

Metal stamping is a process where steel shanks with a letter or design on one end (stamps) are hammered into the surface to displace the metal and create an impression.

Please note that I hand stamp each item so there may be some slight variations. Sometimes not all characters will be perfectly aligned as this is the nature of hand stamping - no two will ever be the same!

Size Guides

For comprehensive size guides, charts & helpful tips - click here. Remember, my items are all hand made so allow for some variance.

Item Care

Vintage silverware consists of a heavy plating of pure silver over a mixed metal alloy, usually of brass or copper. Silver will tarnish over time, use a soft polishing cloth to you can keep your beautiful jewelry looking its best. Read more about silver care here.

Repeated exposure of any metal to hand sanitizers, soaps, lotions, perfumes & etc. can cause a reaction with your natural body chemistry. It is always recommended to remove your jewelry when using products, showering, swimming, working out, or sleeping.


Each item is carefully handmade to order (unless noted as ready to ship) and will be on its way to you within 5-7 business days. Ships from my home studio in Rycroft, AB. Normal shipping times as per Canada Post guidelines. All orders are shipped via standard service with a tracking number. If you need assistance please contact me with your order number.

Every effort is made to ensure the item you receive is on par with the photos displayed, there may be some slight variations. Variations in colour may also occur based on computer monitor settings.

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Kennedy

Golden Love Precious Flower 1970, ULTRA RARE Floating Heart, Vintage Spoon Jewelry

Brenda Macdonald
1970 Ultra Rare Floating Heart, Golden Love Precious Flower and Vintage Spoon Jewellery

Beautiful floating heart, love the gold and the flower design! Spoon ring key chain is very nice.