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Loved the bangle. Loved the bookmark. But there is not enough chain links on the other bracelet. I can do it up but the piece doesn’t move on my wrist. I will need to add perhaps 3 more links to the chain to do that.

What do you want?

It looks OK. I’d need more from this cryptic survey just exactly on what basis these ratings are made. Do you mean ease of downloading; simplicity or completeness of directions; understandable pattern; process for receiving? What? I haven’t started it yet so I don’t know.

I purchased a heart for my daughter and one for myself. I love it and I think k my daughter lives hers too! Thank you!

Treasures with special meaning

Just what I was looking for. A special gift for my sisters. All from the same year our parents were married. Each one special and different. Can't wait to give these to my sisters for Christmas!

Perfect stacker rings

Thanks Callista for the gorgeous stacking rings. Ordering was very easy, sizing was accurate, and the finished product is stunning. Perfectly dainty yet sturdy.

Golden Love Precious Flower 1970, ULTRA RARE Floating Heart, Vintage Spoon Jewelry

I love it! Purchased it for my best friend's birthday which is only on December 25th! Can't wait to see her reaction.

Future gifts

These are beautiful pieces that I bought for Christmas gifts for myself and four younger sisters. All a little different but from the same year that our parents were married.

Birthday Gift

I purchased this for a friends upcoming birthday. I know he's going to love it!

My age reminder,

I love it, and have had many compliments on my beautiful heart, I got one for my daughter and a friend, my friend loves hers and my daughter will get hers in June, like me I bought hers for the special year in which she was born, I felt it added a little nostalgic, beautiful memories of when she was born and a memory to keep after I’m gone💕💕

Peter Rabbit Bracelet

Love this bracelet!!! One of my favorites!!!

1965 Garland Spoon Heart Pendant

I treated myself for my birthday as I am also an1965 model. It's beautiful! I had a Daffodil spoon ring growing up that I wore all the time. Always loved things made for m flatware. Thank you!

Beautiful and beautifully packaged. Love supporting hand made and small business owners.

Wildwood 1 1958 antique spoon pendant

Bought this for a friend and she loved it!

Vintage Spoon Heart Necklace

Love my necklace! It’s so unique! Beautiful keepsake!

Heart pendants

These were purchased as a memory gift and they are lovely!

Love it! It turned out fabulous!

1949 Moss Rose heart

It's beautiful can't wait to give it to my sister in law.

Royal lace floating heart

Absolutely beautiful

1949 & 1950 hearts

I love them both! They will be gifts for 2 of my friends. I got earring for me and love them, they look like ocean waves!