Size Guides

Because size does matter here! Let's find your best fit.

Keep in mind, I create everything by hand so listed sizes may vary slightly from the charts below.


Your ring should fit comfortably. Rings should go on with relative ease and come off with little difficulty. Your ring should fit your fingers comfortably, snug enough that it will not fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle.

1. Measure Using a Belt Sizer

  1. Order your FREE ring sizer here (just pay shipping - untracked letter mail is approximately 5-12 business days).
  2. Put the end of the ring sizer through the “buckle”. Slowly pull it through until you have a large sized ring that you can easily put onto the finger.
  3. Put the ring sizer over the chosen finger and gently pull it tighter until you have the correct size.
  4. The measured ring size to use is the one on the inside of the buckle of the ring sizer.
  5. The correct size should allow the ring sizer to move over the knuckle without too much effort.

2. Measure a Ring You Own

Different styles of rings fit differently, so try to measure with a matching style (i.e. a thin stacking band, or a thicker statement ring). 

3. Measure Your Finger

  1. Take a length of floss or string and wrap it around the base of your finger.
  2. Mark where the floss or string first overlaps with a pen.
  3. Stretch the length of string out along a ruler or measuring tape, and take down the length in millimetres.
  4. Use the ring size chart below to compare your measurement to the standard ring sizes.

Pro Tip: String and floss can stretch, so don't pull them too tight.

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Fingers will often change size throughout the day, and with temperature. Our fingers are often slightly larger at the end of the day than in the morning. Measure at multiple times.
  • Our dominant hands are often slightly larger. Measure the intended finger.
  • Wider bands will have a slightly firmer fit than fine rings. Try to measure a ring with a similar width as the style you are purchasing. You may want to size up for thicker spoon rings.
  • If the ring falls between two sizes, order the larger size up.
  • If you know your knuckle is on the larger side, order half a size bigger than what your finger alone indicates, otherwise you won't be able slide a ring into the right place.



If you do not see your preferred necklace length as an option, please let me know! I can customize most chains to suit you (or add an extender for flexibility).

1. Measure a Necklace You Own

  1. Place your open necklace on a table
  2. Using the centimetre/inch edge of a ruler, measure from the outer edge of the clasp to the other end of the necklace.

2. Measure Yourself

  1. Stand in front of your mirror and bring a string/flexible tape around your neck, and join both ends at the length you prefer.
  2. Check the length (use a ruler to measure the string).

Tips to Keep in Mind

  • The exact resting length of your necklace will vary with your body type, height, neck and torso length. If you’re petite or have a larger neck, consider sizing down or up for your best length. 
  • Collar and Choker (14-16" or 30.5-40cm) - The right-sized choker necklace should fit comfortably, leaving a finger-room between the chain and your neck.
  • Short or Princess Necklace (18-20" or 40-47cm) - A short necklace is designed to fall perfectly just below the base of the neck, resting around the collarbone. 18" is the most popular length.
  • Medium or Matinee Necklace: (20-24" or 47-60cm) - The Matinee necklace sits beautifully on your chest pointing gracefully towards your bust. A medium-length necklace is ideal if you are of moderate height and have a fuller body type.


I measure my bracelets based on the total bracelet circumference. The first thing to consider is the fit of the bracelet, give some thought to the snugness or looseness you desire.

1. Measure a Bracelet You Own

  1. Place your open bracelet on a table
  2. Using the centimetre/inch edge of a ruler, measure from the outer edge of the clasp to the other end of the bracelet.

2. Measure Your Wrist

  1. Rest your arm on a table and bring a string/flexible tape around your wrist and join both ends as snug or loose as you prefer.
  2. Check the length (use a ruler to measure the string).

Tips to Keep In Mind

  • Standard bracelet length is 7". Chain bracelets can include an extender if you wish.
  • I create my cuffs with about 6" length and approximately 1" opening, in an oval shape.
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Free Ring Sizer
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Special necklace

I love this necklace.I have the silver, with lower case,with my husband and my 1st initial of our name very pretty

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