A Poem from Auntie

A Poem from Auntie

My sister, Xaverie, wrote this beautiful poem. I still can't read the whole thing at one time, as it makes me cry every time. She has such a beautiful heart, and such a gift for writing.


To my dearest nephew, Calvin William Gemmell…

I’ve known your mommy since the day I opened my eyes

She has watched over me through my entire life

I’ve known your daddy for a long time too

He’s also been looking out for me since he joined our family’s crew

Calvin William Gemmell I know that you know the feeling of your mommy and daddy’s love

I know that you can still feel it from way far up above

Your sweet little star was called to the heavens in an untimely way

And all our hearts are broken that you could not stay

But before I accept that you headed out into the wonders of this big universe

There are a few things you should know about your parents first

I want you to know about the smiles you put on your mommy’s face

Even when you kicked her tummy all over the place

I want you to know about the strength of your dad

And how a whole home is being put together by his hands

You should know that your mom loves naughty little kittens, and earl grey tea

And that she is so deeply, amazingly, incredibly gifted creatively

You should know that your dad is an amazing educator and he brings people along

He builds individuals up, and he fiercely loves and protects your mom

Your mother is a tough woman, and she is rational and measured

And every day I’ve spent with her is totally treasured

She cares about her people and she invests in each one of us

For me, that often means she gives me a sharp look to smarten me up

Calvin William Gemmell, to me, your parents are heroic

They are incredible people, but I know that you already know it

But there is another thing that I think you should know

It is that your parents are loved by many who will support them through each moment of this sorrow

You and your two wonderful parents hold a special place in all of our hearts

And we will ALWAYS carry you with us no matter how far we are apart.

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